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LinkCAM for M& G Codes


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Solustan LinkCam software for M & G Code.

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LinkCAM for M&G Codes
LinkMotion is a revolutionary new product from Solustan, which guarantees to save you time and money. LinkMotion is a 32 bit driver compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and 2000. Once set and initialized, LinkMotion hides in the background just like a regular printer driver.
  • Simply print to G-codes using your favorite application
  • Set your speeds, depth, lift, and Z feed speeds in LinkMotion to minimize editing of G-codes
  • Generate 2D G-codes from the application
  • Save and/or edit G-codes from any editor
  • Send 2D G-codes to controller
  • Send previously prepared 3D G-codes to controller
  • Customize your G, M, F, and other commands inside LinkMotion with ease to be compatible with your controller
AutoCAD version 14  and above
Corel Draw version 9 and above
Rhino 4.0
DolphinCAD version designed specially for LinkMotion
AcceliCAD from Autodsys
Illustrator from Adobe
EngraveLab / SignLab
Freehand from Adobe
System requirement:
Windows XP with SP2 or higher, Windows 2000
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
800 MHz Processor Speed
512 MB or more RAM Memory
60 MB Disk Space
CD Rom (only if you get the software on a CD-ROM media)
USB port (for optional hardware key)


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