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Microstepping driver with pole damping, upto 3.0 amps.

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R325 microstepping with pole damping technology

  • Operates from +15 to 48 VDC
  • Phase current from 0.3 to 3.0 Amps Peak
  • Step Resolutions from Full to 256 microstepping
  • Hold current reduction capability with adjustable current and timeout settings
  • Three optically isolated control inputs and one optically isolated control utput
  • Pole Damping™ Technology

What is Pole Damping™ Technology?

Pole Damping™ Technology (PDT) enhances step motor performance by dampening each full step in order to create a more accurate and smooth motion profile.  Microstepping the step motor will optimize Pole Damping™ Technology.  PDT outputs the correct amount of run and hold currents to the motor.  Thus, it will overcome the step motor’s natural tendency to want to forcefully pull towards the full step ON position.

 Currently, the Silverpak 23D integrated motor + drive and the R325 Microstepping Driver contain Pole Damping Technology.


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